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Coffee – A New “look n feel”

Friday, September 7, 2007 2 comments

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Hello, I’m back with an interesting topic. “Coffee“, a word which is most popular in Southern India as well as in Italy, US and other parts of the world. I love drinking coffee so do you I guess. We will be going to drink coffee very often as part of our lunch session. As I stay with friends, I do not carry lunch with me to work. This gives me a chance to taste different varieties of dishes and tastes everyday. This is a different experience when you have good food around to taste with.

As part of our daily schedule of lunch session we at work have teamed into a group of 5 where we will be picking our choice through the week. This gives us a chance of picking and tasting different varieties of dishes and coming to know about the likes n dislikes of other people as well. This is kind or a very interesting thing every day at lunch.

The deal is that who ever picks up the choice the others have to accept it and go ahead with that choice that particular day. Of course, there will be lot of threats involved in this process at the back end for the person who is choosing the pick.

So coming to the point where I started, after all this process of picking and finishing our lunch we will be going to our favorite act of drinking coffee. At our work place there are two coffee outlets – Cafe’ Coffee day and Barista. There used to be a Coffee World but they have closed their outlet some time back. Coffee @ Barista is a very fine experience that we will go through every other day during weekdays. The Cafe latte, Brissta Frappe, the Brissta, the Swiss Mocha Frappe, the Mozhitho Freeze, the smoothies, the Brissta Blast and last but not the least most coffee lover’s choice world wide the Cappuccino and the Espresso.

The way the coffee gets into your throat, you feel heaven. You should experience it to feel the punch. Most people like the taste of bitterness in the Coffee, but I like the other way. I like it very sweet. I don’t know why. But i like it the sweetest way.

Recently, I saw a news about Coffee which features about art work in the Cafe lattes’. People have defined a new experience in coffee drinking. The way the coffee is made has been revolutionized. See this link/video about “Coffee turns to art in NYC“. The news features about different kinds of designs now stating to evolve out of the designers. It says that Serving cafe lattes in NYC is no longer about just steaming some milk and adding espresso – it’s about art. Watch it to find out more about it.

Some of the designs for your visual treat….

Latte - Design 1 Latte - Design 2

Latte - Design 3 Latte - Design 4

I came to see a phrase in Barista about Coffee. It starts as – “Coffee is a beverage which puts you to sleep if you fail to drink it…“. So drink itttt, before you fall asleep….. 🙂