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Web Pages – Compatibility with non IE browsers

Monday, October 15, 2007 Leave a comment

It’s been long time since I have scribbled anything on my blog. It’s been tough time at work running around some configurations and remote support which had eaten up most of my time (not free time – just the regular time of my day 😦 ).

Now I’m back with a very prominent but very in-frequently noticed fact. There are lots n lots of web pages around in the World wide web (www). Most of the web pages are incompatible with non IE browsers. But now since other web browsers other then IE such as Mozilla and safari has crept up the web world and getting to become prominent among users with more performance and usability features, web page developers/providers should think of being compatible with these browsers as well.

In my opinion these browsers became more popular and prominent in usage, when the IE7 – the first version of multi-tabbed IE version failed after it has been launched. I may be wrong as well in this opinion. I installed IE7 got amazed by the ease of browsing in a multi-tabbed browser, then faced lots of issues with that. Actually I started to look for alternate browsers after getting frustrated with IE7, before that I was always using IE (may be a little nomadic 🙂 ).

Recently I came to see a post in Digg with the title “Sites that make Firefox sad” which led me to this page –
This page listed a long list of web page links which face problems when opened in Firefox which amazed me a little as to why even after considerable amount of dramatic developments in web world we are still able to see such mishaps and black holes.

Even i faced such a situation when trying to transact for some movie tickets last week using my credit card. These transactions which are supposed to be very critical faced issues. I have tried booking tickets thrice and all the times I got different seat numbers, I thought I would have been booked with the credit card bill this month. Thankfully when I checked with my transaction details they were not there. Later I opened the same page with IE they were near perfect. Atleast the site could have placed a note saying that “May not work well with other web browsers” or something like that which would make people to use the compatible web browsers if at all they don’t support multi-browser compatibility.

Hope to see a change in the web world where people can start using any browser of their choice and still be able to get things done 🙂