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Coffee Joulies – A refreshingly new way to drink your Coffee

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 1 comment

Coffee or Java as it is most popularly called, is a magical drink which mesmerizes millions of people around the world with its tempting and delicious aroma and flavor.

Hot cup of Coffee

Hot cup of Coffee

For most of us a good hot cup of coffee is the right way to start our day or rather a perfect way to start our day. Imagine the best cup of coffee burning your tongue and playing spoilsport on your early morning coffee drinking experience. Or imagine waiting for your cup of coffee to cool down to your comfortable drinking temperature. Or frankly speaking for people who like to drink their coffee not so hot (just like me 🙂 ) – I know people might wonder – “How the hell do your drink that not so hot coffee – Yikes!!!” For all of you now there is a good news. Two design engineers from US named Dave & Dave have designed a special coffee bean called “Coffee Joulies

Coffee Joulies

Coffee Joulies

Coffee Joulies cools your hot cup of coffee immediately (three times faster than normal) and gets it to a comfortable temperature. Also it retains the comfortable drinking temperature for almost 4 to 5 hours for you to savor. Yes, its true. This is achieved by packaging a special type of non-toxic material inside a stainless steel polished shell. This material absorbs the heat from the hot cup of coffee instantaneously and releases it over a period of time keeping your cup of coffee hot for a longer period of time. Surprising isn’t it. These two engineers have revolutionalized the way we drink our every day cup of coffee. Its priced around $50 per bag of Joulies.

I know you wouldn’t believe what I say – Watch this video to believe the unbelievable 🙂

The two Daves started this Coffee Joulies which was launched as a project on Kickstarter. Seeking $9500 to pay for half the cost of tooling, Dave & Dave ended up raising $306,944 earning them third place in the Kickstarter Hall of Fame and providing enough money to make Joulies in the USA.

I would really like to try those out if I get a chance to do so. So will you I think…

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Free Jaipur Foot Camp @ Chennai

Friday, September 18, 2009 1 comment

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Its tough to see a child disabled, with amputated legs. He feels sad 😦 losing his freedom seeing other kids playing and running around him. But now there is this nice opportunity for such kids. Hey Kids, cheer up. 🙂


Bhagawan Mahaveer Vikalang Sahayata Samithi in association with Dow India is organizing a free Jaipur foot camp in Chennai during October. They are in the process of distributing Jaipur foot, calipers and crutches free of cost. 🙂


You can make use of this nice opportunity to gain your lost freedom back. Inform your parents to try this out.



Date: 6th & 7th October, 2009
Venue: Murugan Kalyana Mantapam, #25/1, Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan Road, (South Boag Road) T Nagar, Chennai – 600017.
Contact: 044 – 26691616, 044 – 25322223
Time: 9AM – 6PM


Advertisement for your information: 

Jaipur Foot Camp


Lets gift a child his/her freedom 🙂



Dow India


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Free Email – Way2SMS

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 2 comments

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Way2SMS Version 2.0  ( Manage all your Emails, Chats and SMS at one Place) is coming Soon.

Way2SMS is about to launch a new version with the following new features..

  • Way2SMS Now offers Free Email. Get .
    You deserve the best. Way2SMS Mail delivers..
              * Top quality Spam filters blocks spam before it gets into your inbox.
              * Search your mails instantly
              * Auto display of contacts while composing your mail
              * Saves every outgoing mail contact automatically.
              * Folders and colored mails to organize your mails and to mark important mails.
              * New email alert notification.
              * Import contacts from yahoo, gmail and other accounts.
              * Signature – automatically added to the end of all your outgoing messages.
  • Receive instant free email alerts on your mobile.
    Don’t miss important mails just because you’re away from the PC. Get SMS alerts on your mobile phone as and when the new Mail arrives. You’ll receive only alerts for the emails you want, when you want them.
  • Notify recipient on mobile while sending an email.
    Send Mail with SMS alert -More visibility to your emails. Notify recipients on their mobile while sending an email.
  • Get mail alerts on mobile for your Yahoo & Gmail accounts.
    Link your Yahoo, Gmail and other email accounts with Way2SMS mail account. And get instant Free SMS alerts for your Yahoo, Gmail accounts too. Way2SMS delivers an alert on your mobile whenever an email hits your gmail or yahoo inbox. You can link your other mail accounts too.
    Chat right inside way2sms with your Yahoo& Gtalk contacts simultaneously.
    Way2SMS enables you to chat with your Gtalk and Yahoo contacts simultaneously. Just login with your gmail/yahoo account to start chatting – it’s as easy as that!. Allows you Chat with online friends and SMS to those who are away from computer.
    Access Gmail, Yahoo inbox inside way2sms.
    Now, check your Yahoo, Gmail inbox right inside Manage all your mail communication, chats and SMSing from Way2SMS. Send mails to your Yahoo, gmail contacts right from Way2SMS.
    Get latest news, cricket scores/updates as RSS feeds.
    Never miss anything ! get breaking news and other current happenings when you are on way2sms. We buzz you with the latest news, cricket scores etc.,. We bring all the latest stories from popular sites such as,,, etc.


So stay Connected with WAY2SMS… 🙂 or else you will be losing access to the finest features.


WordPress 2.7 is now online

Friday, December 5, 2008 Leave a comment

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Finally after a long wait, its now online. Yes WordPress 2.7 is online now. Those who have not logged in for a very long time will find it very different and interesting to see the new version of WordPress when they initially login. Even I felt the same way when I logged in today. A sudden change in the view leaves you confused (even when I logged in yesterday). The sudden change in the homepage itself gave me a hint about the availability, but I wanted to check it with my eyes before I can believe it. 🙂 So the change is good…

This new upgrade is more interesting than its predecessors. The new design is based on the JSR 168 Portlets design it seems if I’m not wrong. Portlets are pluggable user interface software components that are managed and displayed in a web portal. Typically, following the desktop metaphor, a portal page is displayed as a collection of non-overlapping portlet windows, where each portlet window displays a portlet.

The navigation is so easy between the modules. You just pick a module and rearrange the way you like it. If one wants to get a feel of the power of portlets, you can see IGoogle by loggin in. The pages in the webpage are easily adjustable and rearrangeable. This upgrad of WordPress is designed the same way I believe.

All together, the new upgrade is very nice. Try it out yourselves to get a feel of it.

Need Blood – It’s just an SMS away

Thursday, November 27, 2008 2 comments

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Airtel, India’s leading mobile service provider today strengthened its tie up with Jeevan Blood Bank of Chennai, taking a step ahead in its “Airtel Cares for Everyone” (ACE) project. This is a first of its kind initiative, wherein people can source information on blood within minutes and access the real time stock of tested blood components from Jeevan Blood Bank 24 hours a day.

Airtel already has a partnership with Jeevan, in which a few numbers have been provided free of cost for Jeevan to stay in touch with people wanting to donate blood and patients in need of blood. This is now being strengthened through an SMS service, which provides information about availability of blood.


Type <Blood group + or -> and SMS it to 9600097000

Ex: Type “Blood B+” and SMS it to 9600097000

A response will be sent back to the person within a minute, containing information on quantity of readily available tested blood components of the group required. This facility is available for customers of all networks and you know it is toll free for Airtel mobile customers 🙂 .

If the required blood is available, one can call Jeevan Blood Bank directly on 044-28351200 or 044-43524242 for further assistance. This service will help minimize the time spent on searching for safe blood and help save more lives.

About Jeevan Blood Bank:-

Jeevan Blood Bank and Research Centre was started on 24th September 1995 with the vision of providing, on demand, safe blood and blood components collected from non-remunerated voluntary blood donors using appropriate and current technologies and in accordance to international standards. Over the past thirteen years Jeevan has collected over 72,000 blood donations and made available over 130,000 units of safe blood and blood components to the community. Every blood donation is tested for HIV ( HIV Ag and 1 & 2 Ab), Hepatitis B ( HBsAg & Anti HBc), Hepatitis C ( Anti HCV ), Malaria, Syphilis and Leptospira.

Please note that every unit of blood is being tested by Nucleic Acid Testing ( NAT ) for DNA / RNA for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.

I hope you will also spread this word across your circle so that you can also be a part in saving many a lives. 🙂

FLO TV – Live Mobile TV from AT&T and Verizon

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 Leave a comment

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Watch TV on your mobile phone on the go…

It’s been a very long time since I’ve wrote my last post. Thanks to my time in office. Of course, I’m gaining a lot of insights about my work too. But still, it feels bad not writing for a very long time 😦

Now-a-days lots of new services are being offered to mobile subscribers with the advent of 3G technology. Coming to today’s post, it’s about a new service introduced in US for mobile subscribers. It’s called FLO TV, as the name suggests its a TV on your mobile. Using this service business people can keep track of everyday happenings, breaking news and events. Entertainment freaks can watch their favorite shows. People interested in sports can watch live sports. It’s true and cool. 🙂

The service comes with no additional installation needed, it doesn’t even eat up your battery life. It activates itself immediately and gives you a crystal clear audio and video with a very high quality. With a single button  you can perform its functions. You even have a programming guide to browse through and select your favorite shows. Switching between the stations happens at the blink of your eye. There are no confusing menus to operate upon. In fact, if you get a call from your boss when you are watching  your favorite show, you can answer it or send it to voice mail with a single button 🙂 Cool enough rite.

Coming to its performance, FLO TV is delivered over dedicated multicast network different from the cellular network enabling instant access to the content without any buffering or lag time. It’s like this, if you switch it on, you have your content in front of your eyes. Its that fast.

Right now two of the major telecom providers in US, AT&T and Verizon offers these services to its subscribers.

FLO TV highlights:

  • Enjoy real TV at the touch of a button. No complicated menus.
  • Watch full–length shows, not just clips or highlights.
  • Easy–to–use program guide and fast channel switching.
  • There’s nothing to download and nothing to buffer.

Channels include:

CBS Mobile, CNBC, Comedy Central, ESPN Mobile TV, FOX Mobile, MSNBC, MTV, NBC2Go, Nickelodeon, CNN Mobile and Pix.

Price Range:

$15/mo to $30/mo

Compatible Devices:


  • LG Vu
  • LG Invision
  • Samsung Access


  • LG VX 9400
  • LG Voyager
  • Motorola Krave ZN4
  • Motorola z6tv






Ok ok, you are now asking me to stop scribbling and let you know the way to get it rite, I know. I’m coming there right away.

For overview of mobile TV, services, packages and other information about AT&T Mobile TV click here.

For overview of mobile TV, services, packages and other information about Verizon’s V Cast Mobile TV click here.

Don’t forget to watch the PROMO channel before you subscribe. *For a limited time only

When it comes to mobile TV, you just have to see it to believe it. And right now you can do just that by viewing a PROMO channel that’s available to all wireless customers with a FLO TV–enabled mobile phone and within a coverage area. You can experience the breadth of mobile TV programming and the quality of service before you purchase a subscription!

Watching PROMO channel:

  • Turn on the TV feature on your FLO TV–enabled mobile phone
  • Follow the activation instructions
  • Choose the PROMO channel from the program guide and start watching one of your favorite TV shows, breaking news or live sports – without any buffering or lag time.

This 24/7 PROMO channel contains a variety of programming from CBS Mobile, CNBC, Comedy Central, ESPN Mobile TV, FOX Mobile, FOX News, MSNBC, MTV, NBC 2Go, and Nickelodeon.

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World’s Top 10 Party places

Tuesday, September 30, 2008 3 comments

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Recently I was watching a program in the Travel & Living channel a subsidiary of Discovery Channel when I came across a program called “Fiama Di Wills Beautiful People Beautiful Life” which was showing about World’s Top 10 party places. All these party places in the countdown boast about hosting the most funniest, craziest and scariest parties in the world. I’ve listed down the places to share with all those guys who love to party out their free time.

World’s Top 10 Party places:

  1. Mardi Gras (French: Fat Tuesday) New Orleans, Louisiana (Started in 1699)
  2. Club la vela, panama city, Florida (Largest night club in USA)
  3. Ibiza, Spain
  4. Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan, Thailand
  5. New Year’s Eve, Times Square, New York
  6. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (Three predominant places to be visited – Cabo Wabo, El Squid Roe & Giggly Martin Bar)
  7. Hedonism II, Jamaica
  8. Quebec Winter Carnival, Quebec, Canada (Not to miss St. Alexander Pub)
  9. Fetish n Fantasy Halloween bar, Nevada, Las Vegas, USA
  10. Spring Break, Lake Havasu, Arizona (Close to California border)

These are the top 10 places to be party to the extremes. No restrictions, no rules.

Thinking about adventure sports, adrenalin pump, extreme action these places are the right way to quench the your thirst.

Hope the next time you try to party out to the extreme you’ll consider these places. 🙂