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Friday, December 28, 2007 4 comments

Seems interesting subscribe the way you want to keep updated…

With the increase in the number of credit card providers and with the increase of more activity in the world wide web, the life of common man has become more easier. I don’t know if it has really become easier 😦 and how many of you will agree to that.

Anyhow coming to the point now a days most of the things are done online. Travel booking irrespective of the mode of transportation, suites at hotels, even movie tickets which were not prevalent before in India as far as I know. Even if it were there, never in the reach of common man. Thanks to the westernization to some extent.

Many banks today offer loads and loads of features via their credit cards to attract the customers. Recently I got an sms from ICICI Bank credit cards saying Buy 1 Get 1 Free for movie tickets booked @ I happily logged in to check what it actually meant. So I got the details and booked the tickets.

Sample Screen shot of the ticket booking is shown for your reference.


This is cool where you can select any major metropolitan cities, any major movie theatres, movie of any language (listed) and some selected forthcoming dates for booking. Even you can select the seats you prefer. Just you need to carry a print out of this copy and the credit card that you used to book the ticket to the theater where you will be able to get the tickets on a swipe of your credit card. The print out serves as an identification for your booked ticket.

And as I already said earlier that all these offers and options available are really that worthy, here there is a catch in this booking. For every ticket a conveyance fee of Rs. 15 would be collected and that would not be deducted in the offer reduction/discount that they are providing which would be charged for all the tickets booked. Also the sms suggests the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” but actually it is only for Platinum/Titanium/Signature card holders. For Gold card holders if you buy 4 tickets you have to pay for only 3 tickets. For Silver card holders its 1 ticket free for 5 tickets purchased 😦 . Poor silver card holders.

As usual the website had the Default’ * Conditions Apply which we never care about usually. This is where the company displays such information specifically.

If you are clever enough to actually read it properly and utilize it, these offers would be a gift else would be a curse.