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Wikimapia – Powered by Google

Friday, August 31, 2007 Leave a comment

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With the advent of Google Earth a geo-info, map services provider in an interactive way using the advanced google search techniques and the satellite image capabilities, many such services and websites powered by Google are in the rise.

One such website which provides such a service effectively is Wikimapia. This is a is a Web 2.0 project to describe the whole planet Earth. It was created by Alexandre Koriakine and Evgeniy Saveliev, inspired by Google maps and Wikipedia.

Google Earth allows you to explore the whole planet after installing an application which runs on your pc. But Wikimapia loads all the images on the web browser. As per my observations, this loads pretty much faster than the Google Earth application installed on pc.

Also another advantage about Wikimapia is the way that the places have been described. Wikimapia has a feature called “Add Page” which allows you to add your favourite place such as your home – sweet home, your school, your college etc. This allows users to add their favourite as well as well known and popular places the local way. This way when we search a particular area, we come to know many places which will not be that easy to find in the Google Earth because this is purely defined by the locals. This way you find most probably the exact location you were searching for with no difficulty. Wikimapia also has other tools at your disposal which allow you calculate distance between poits of interest and area of the land etc.

Of course, the way of allowing users to add their own favourite places also leads to junk places being added which actually leads to false information at times. If used sensibly, this can prove out to be your information provider where ever you are when ever you need at the click of your mouse the fast way.

Next time when you look out for any information try finding it using Wikimapia and experience the World the local way. Also I request that whenever we use this service and add some new place let us be sensible and smart.

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Orkut – A new birth

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Orkut the favorite community where friends meet together and share their views and thoughts. This allows everybody not only to re-unite with old friends, but also catch up with new friends who are of their interests. This community has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. I also joined and presently a member of this community.

It started all but slowly with limited features and simple user interface. With gaining popularity and importance, among youth in particular it has recently changed its look n feel and added some new features which actually make this community not only a community where people can meet and share usual information but also some useful information from now on.

The Orkut Feature Set include adding of blogs, photos, RSS feeds and more where in they can check n browse through all of them from a single window. Though Orkut community website is blocked in many of the corporate environments, for those who have access to this now this community provides not only fun n entertainment but also some serious stuff.

Hope you all njoy your time nicely as ever and informatively from now on even in Orkut…

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My w810i n Flickr

Monday, August 27, 2007 2 comments

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I was interested in photography from my childhood. But the fact that I couldn’t afford a proper analog camera or a mobile which has an in-built camera at my early teens made me lose many of my sweet memories. After I started earning, I was always on a constant look for a way to satisfy my thirst on it. Then started my search for a mobile which will suffice my thirst for photography, music and sleek ‘n’ cool looks.

My Sony Ericsson w810i was the way I made it a reality. This has got another significance, which is the date I bought it. It’s on 1st January, 2007. I know I’m a bit too late in writing this post but still, I can’t stop writing about it. This came with all the features I was looking for. This had a nice sleek look, bit weightless, a nicely featured Walkman which also accompanies a set of stereo speakers which rocked my room with its stereo output and last but not least, the camera. A 2 mega pixel camera with 4x digital zoom and 32x playback zoom is what I was interested in.

Then started my hunt for some nice photography. Though its not a professional one, its what it is. My Flickr account will give you a glimpse of what I have with my w810i. Some of these photographs were taken from a moving train which is moving around the speed of around 40 to 55 kmph.

The feature which allows you to have such a great quality of photography is its auto-focus feature which automatically sets itself to a comfortable n best position before it actually takes a picture after you press the capture button. Even it has another feature called “The Burst” which allows you to capture multiple photos with a single click of ‘capture’. You can save the best of the four or all the four.

My journey of photography started that way. I hope that will go to greater heights. Please feel free to put some comments on my photography.

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Close to Nature

Monday, August 27, 2007 Leave a comment

As I have already described me as a nature lover, I love watching TV channels which feature them. I like to watch the channels Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet & Discovery’s Travel and Living. I can say that if you allow me I’ll watch these channels for the whole day.

I like most of the programs featuring in these channels.  Attenborough Presents (Discovery), Planet Earth (Animal Planet), Chasing Time (Nat Geo), $100 Taxi Ride (Nat Geo), Globe Trekker (T&L) etc., are some of my many favorite programs. I think, if you are a nature lover too, you’ll support my argument. This way I’m getting information about the nature, wildlife,  people, their culture, their social life etc., I find this as my pass time which also adds up to our knowledge about the world, the people and their culture. Basically I think for people who doesn’t like to read much (as I’m) this would be a nice way of gathering and improving their general knowledge about geography, social life of people around the world. 

 Do watch these the next time you tune into your TV set and change your perspective of time-passing…


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Free Anti-virus for Home users

Wednesday, August 22, 2007 2 comments

Seems interesting subscribe the way you want to keep updated…

I recently had my broadband Internet connection for my home PC. I was always worried about its safety against harmful viruses, which will be constantly evading your default firewalls.

My search to some of the free anti-virus software lead me to this version of anti-virus software which I found quite effective. It is “avast! 4 Home Edition” from alwil Software. This version of anti-virus software is fully featured. It provides this software for free under the terms and conditions that it should be used only by home users for non-commercial purposes.This has a very sleek User Interface (avast! 4 Home Edition – UI). This software can be downloaded and registered for 1 year later which the license can be updated for free from their web site.

The “avast! 4 On-Access Scanner” provides real-time protection against Internet viruses before it could even think of affecting your system. avast! 4 Home Edition boasts of its new feature called “heuristic analysis” of e-mail scanners which protect against new, unknown viruses and worms that are not possible to detect by the usual means. It has various providers namely Instant Messaging, Internet Mail, Network Shield, Web Shield, P2P Shield etc., to protect against specific sub-systems of your system. For your reference I have also attached the “avast! 4 On-Access Scanner Process Memory Utilization” which doesn’t affect the performance of my system even with limited RAM.

Try using it if possible. I’ve just started using this, I still have much more to review on it. I don’t find any issues with that until now.

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My First Gaming Experience

Tuesday, August 21, 2007 Leave a comment

I love computer gaming. My first experience of computer gaming started with one of Microsoft’s best real-time strategy game “Age of Empires“. It is a strategy game where you have to apply your thoughts in effectively gathering and managing your resources, your army always keeping an eye on your enemies as well. The game is filled with great graphics even for the minute of the minute details, you feel the real world in front of you if you are a game lover. I love the game to such extent that when I watch the empty field out of my office window which shows me a wide view of trees and empty space, I actually feel like placing a “lumberjack” (a building in the game where you will store all your wood that is collected by you people) and click people roaming around there to assign a wood cutting task. That is the kind of involvement i showed in the game. I’m basically a kind of person who is lazy in doing certain type of things but I used to play this game for hours (sometimes more than 24 hrs) continuously with breaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner in between. That is the kind of passion I have in computer gaming. The next experience of gaming I had is with the game called “Sim City“. This game is from Electronic Arts (ea). This is a simulation game where in you will be the mayor of a City which you have to manage. This has a kind of a real-world scenarios. Here you will have to manage your people, your economy, face the natural calamities such as earthquake, hurricanes, etc., You have to manage your economy by collecting taxes for various activities to manage a effective city. This also has detailed graphics which amaze you as a gamer. The list of games goes on with “Max Payne“, “Need for Speed“, “Zeus“, “Quake” etc., I always keep wondering why do I like strategy and simulation games more than action games. I still keep wondering!!!

My First Progress

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Now that I have started my first blog, now I’m in the search for making it a little better first visually. I’m in the search for a nice theme for my blog. I’ve switched to the default blog theme provided by the WordPress. As I have mentioned AboutMe, I like nature the most. I love to be amazed by its beauty and its elegance. The mesmerizing looks, sweet scent of the ever buoyant nature makes you feel fresh and charged. My search for the theme also aligned with that thought. I got the theme named “Ocean mist” which actually boasts with a wide focal picture of a mountain coast, clouds floating like a cover to the sea beneath. If you are a nature lover too, you’ll find my theme perfect. Ok let’s activate the theme. For your reference I have also provided MyOldTheme

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