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A New look n feel

Thursday, January 3, 2008 Leave a comment

As I have already mentioned about my interest in nature, I recently browsed through the word press themes page to look for any cool themes that I can activate for my blog. I went through couple of themes but only very few of them are of some interest to me.

This current theme that is active now on my blog is called “MistyLook” from Sadish and has won my heart for some reason. It’s subtle n gentle look has made me feel refreshed. I guess all tensions and depressions will fly away from you the moment you watch this header image. I somehow get a feel of relaxation when I see this image. It gives a cool creamy yellowish backdrop with a white layer atop. The text is clearly visible on top of this white layer.

This theme selection is part of WordPress’s free services which can be selected from the dashboard of your account.



There will be a collection of themes available for selection from which you can select and activate the one that is of interest to you. Experience and feel the beauty of nature. Nature soothes n heals all your distress. 🙂