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Free Anti-virus for Home users

Wednesday, August 22, 2007 2 comments

Seems interesting subscribe the way you want to keep updated…

I recently had my broadband Internet connection for my home PC. I was always worried about its safety against harmful viruses, which will be constantly evading your default firewalls.

My search to some of the free anti-virus software lead me to this version of anti-virus software which I found quite effective. It is “avast! 4 Home Edition” from alwil Software. This version of anti-virus software is fully featured. It provides this software for free under the terms and conditions that it should be used only by home users for non-commercial purposes.This has a very sleek User Interface (avast! 4 Home Edition – UI). This software can be downloaded and registered for 1 year later which the license can be updated for free from their web site.

The “avast! 4 On-Access Scanner” provides real-time protection against Internet viruses before it could even think of affecting your system. avast! 4 Home Edition boasts of its new feature called “heuristic analysis” of e-mail scanners which protect against new, unknown viruses and worms that are not possible to detect by the usual means. It has various providers namely Instant Messaging, Internet Mail, Network Shield, Web Shield, P2P Shield etc., to protect against specific sub-systems of your system. For your reference I have also attached the “avast! 4 On-Access Scanner Process Memory Utilization” which doesn’t affect the performance of my system even with limited RAM.

Try using it if possible. I’ve just started using this, I still have much more to review on it. I don’t find any issues with that until now.

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