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Web OS – Redefining traditional OS

Sunday, March 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Seems interesting subscribe the way you want to keep updated…

Recently there is a flurry of Web Operating Systems (Web OS) which allows you to setup your public/private Web Desktop on the world wide web, the Internet. This allows you to access your files, music, photos, videos on the move no matter if you have a PC/laptop of your own. Sounds cool 🙂 rite.

This is very useful for people who are constantly on the move, but still can’t leave their favorites. This allows you to upload your files to the so called “Web Desktop, chat with your friends on the move in many of the major instant messengers such as Yahoo Messenger, MSN, AIM etc., listen to your favorite music, watch your fun filled videos n lots more. No, no no need for download, installation and other overheads 🙂 . It’s available on your Desktop

I have browsed through some of them – such as Jooce which is available for use under Beta and Cloudo which is under Alpha development soon to be released. But the UI looks cool, inviting n tempting to use.

A screen shot of my desktop for your visual treat


Go ahead n start using it…

Make use of the power of Internet in your day-to-day life.


Desktop widget – PC to phone calls/SMS, Live TV and more…

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 2 comments

Seems interesting subscribe the way you want to keep updated…

Most of the times we are lethargic in signing into different web sites. A dashboard or desktop widget comes handy in such situations.

Globe7 is a tiny application integrated with Soft Phone, IM, Videos, Games, News and many more opt-in widgets for your complete entertainment, information and communication. Using this widget, you can make PC to PC phone calls for free, PC to mobile or land line calls as well as send PC to mobile SMS throughout the world at a very meager rate.

You can review the Call rate plan, SMS rate plan which I feel is at par with other major providers.

You can watch a demo of these widgets here.

You can also check the System requirements for installing this application

Some of the features that are of some interest are the Live TV, Live Radio, Newspaper widget and the Movie Widget. Also you can get the astrology widget, recipe widget etc., and lots more which you can add in as opt-in widgets.

Some cool snapshots of the application for you

globe7main dialer sms

Main App Widget, Dialer and SMS widgets

livetvedu livetvfashion globe7livetv livetvshop

Live TV Widget (Education, Fashion, News, Shopping etc.,)

moviewid movwidfs newspaperwid

Movies Widget(preview/full screen), Newspaper Widget

I know by now you would have got some interest in trying out this flashy cool app.

You can download Globe7 here for free 🙂 .

Pizza and Movie Offers Galore – ICICI Bank Visa Credit cards

Thursday, March 20, 2008 30 comments

Seems interesting subscribe the way you want to keep updated…

ICICI Bank again came with some interesting offers for its Visa Credit Card holders. This time its on mouth watering Pizzas from Pizza Hut and movie tickets from PVR Cinemas.

Pizza Hut*:

pizza1 pizza2

But as always I’ll suggest, please make sure to read through carefully and completely the Terms and Conditions part, as this is what which matters the most.

*Terms and Conditions:

  • The VISA Pizza Hut Offer is open for participation to all Visa Gold, Platinum and Signature Cards issued to Cardholders in India. To qualify for the privileges, all payments must be made with a Visa Card.
  • Visa Signature/Platinum/Gold Cardholders are not bound in any manner to participate in the VISA Pizza Hut Offer. Any participation by the Cardholder shall be voluntary and all the offers made by VISA & Pizza Hut are purely on a best effort basis. Customers can also make transactions at Pizza Hut merchant outlets without participating in this program and availing the offers.
  • VISA shall not be responsible for, nor does it guarantee the quality of goods and services provided by any of the merchant partners in the VISA Pizza Hut Offer, nor is VISA liable for any deficiency in the products or inadequacies of the services so obtained or availed of by the Cardholder from the merchant outlet.
  • The VISA Pizza Hut Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions, discounts, coupons or special offers. The benefits offered in the VISA Pizza Hut Offer are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other merchandise.
  • Rates are based on published rates in the menu, and subject to service charges and statutory taxes.
  • Offer redemption is the sole responsibility of the participating merchant outlets. Visa is not responsible for any charge/cancellation of the Offer by merchants.
  • The promotion period for the “VISA Pizza Hut” Offer is until July 31, 2008.
  • Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Offer shall be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Mumbai only.
  • PVR Cinemas*:


    *Terms and Conditions:

  • During the Offer Period, and subject to the terms set out below, PVR customers who use Visa Platinum, Visa Signature or Visa Gold cards to buy cinema tickets through will receive one free ticket out of every two tickets purchased (“VISA PVR Offer”).
  • The VISA PVR Offer is valid on PVR cinema tickets purchased upto July 31, 2008(“Offer Period”).
  • This VISA PVR Offer is open for participation to all VISA Signature, VISA Platinum & Gold Cardholders, who hold valid and current VISA Cards issued in India (“Eligible VISA Card”) and who make a purchase for PVR Cinema tickets from Website
  • There will be a maximum limit of 4 Free Tickets per Eligible Visa Card for each calendar month
  • The numbers of free tickets available under the VISA PVR offer are limited, and customers can avail of this offer on a first-come-first serve basis. For Visa Gold Cardholders, the number of free tickets available on offer for movie shows each Wednesday is limited to 1500 only, and it is available to Visa Gold Cardholders on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • In case the free tickets are not available for movie show on a particular day, customers can try and book for a different date to avail of the free ticket under the VISA PVR Offer.
  • For Visa Signature and Platinum Cards, the offer is available on PVR Cinema tickets for all movie shows for all days of the week, whereas for Visa Gold Cards, the offer is available only for movie shows on each Wednesday.
  • Offer is applicable for cinema ticket bookings relating to all locations of PVR cinemas in India (EXCEPT PVR GOLD CLASS CINEMAS) where tickets can be booked at website If new PVR Cinemas’ locations are launched during the Offer Period, the Offer will automatically extend to cinema ticket purchases for such new PVR Cinemas’ locations.
  • The One Free Ticket shall be given out of every two tickets` purchased in the same purchase transaction. Thus, if a customer books 4 tickets in a single transaction, he will need to pay for only 2 tickets, as the other 2 tickets will be free. However, if the customer books 3 tickets, he can avail of only 1 free ticket then, and has to pay full price for the other 2 tickets. The offer is not available if only 1 cinema ticket is booked.
  • The current purchase process at will remain unchanged till the stage where the Eligible Visa Card number is provided. After this stage the website will recognize the eligible card, reduce the bill amount and inform the transacting Eligible Visa Card member accordingly.
  • All VISA Cardholders are advised to check the other applicable terms and conditions of PVR Cinemas at before availing the offer under the VISA PVR Offer.
  • Tickets once bought online, shall be considered sold and cannot be cancelled, refunded or exchanged.
  • The Cardholder shall be required to give personal information and Card details online for the tickets purchased on VISA PVR offer cannot be combined with any other offers/discounts/promotions at PVR Cinemas.
  • VISA shall not be responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for any deficiency or inadequacy of service rendered by PVR Cinemas for any loss whatsoever of any nature.
  • VISA Cardholders shall not be entitled to compensation / benefits in any form whatsoever in lieu of the VISA PVR Offer being availed.
  • VISA Cardholders are not bound in any manner to participate in the VISA PVR offer. Any participation by the VISA Cardholder shall be voluntary and the offer made by VISA and PVR are purely on a best effort basis.
  • VISA shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever or howsoever for any loss or damage or claims that may arise out of or otherwise howsoever from any refusal to honour the offer made under the VISA PVR Offer for any reason whatsoever.
  • VISA reserves the absolute right to withdraw and / or alter any of the terms and conditions of this VISA PVR Offer at any time without giving any notice.
  • Any dispute relating to the offer or the terms and conditions shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts in New Delhi only.
  • Information about the offer is correct at the time of publication.
  • Offer under VISA PVR Offer may be subject to other restrictions by law.
  • Courtesy: ICICI Bank, PVR Cinemas

    So try to enjoy the long weekend with these offers and make use of it.

    For all the readers, I wish Good Friday and a happy Holi

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    Wi-Fi Usage in public – Do’s and Dont’s

    Friday, March 14, 2008 Leave a comment

    Seems interesting subscribe the way you want to keep updated…

    Recently I was going through an article which discusses about the security of the public Wi-Fi usage that is offered for free at Airports, Hotels, Coffee shops etc., The article discusses about many threats to the transactions that a user makes over that network.

    Please do remember that all the transactions that you make over such public Wi-Fi networks or hot spots are UNENCRYPTED. 😦

    That means anyone else on the network who is equipped with readily available software can read your transmissions with little effort. And when there is protection, it’s likely to be a form of simple encryption called Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) which can be easily broken with little effort.

    All Wi-Fi networks equipped with Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), a stronger form of security are safer to an extent.

    Security of websites can be determined by some indications on the browsers. Indications on the two most popular web browsers are as shown below:

    IE Moz

    Internet Explorer shows a “key ” symbol to indicate a secure website, whereas the Mozilla makes the browser bar “Golden Color” to indicate that it is a secure website that you are browsing. Use these to identify and be safe with your transactions against hackers.

    Some of the Do’s and Dont’s for you


    Hope these tips help you out being safe during your browsing.

    Free ATM usage across banks

    Friday, March 14, 2008 Leave a comment

    Seems interesting subscribe the way you want to keep updated…

    A welcome move from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) which suggests that the ATM usage is now made free across banks. This means that to check your balances, you don’t have to get troubled searching for your bank ATM. Balance enquiry across ATMs is now free of cost 🙂 .

    Also another change is that the transaction fee is reduced to a maximum of Rs. 20 per transaction for withdrawals, that too till March next year after which such usage would be not be charged. This would be irrespective of the amount and the bank where the customer holds the account.

    This makes us free to use our ATM cards across banks and across regions. Forget about searching for your banks ATM and transact free of cost at any ATM.

    Please pass on this message to your dear ones who can make use of this facility to the fullest extent.