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Xobni – Now available as public beta

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 Leave a comment

Seems interesting subscribe the way you want to keep updated…

Xobni (pronounced as Zob-nee) is the Outlook plug-in that saves you time finding email conversations, contacts and attachments. This has been first introduced to me by one of my colleagues saying its much more easier to find emails and attachments sent to our inbox. Xobni was first released as an invite-only Beta version. Luckily I got an invite from my colleague for such a very good tool for managing emails.

Now Xobni is available public for downloads. Xobni can be downloaded from here.

You might wonder how the name Xobni is given to this tool. If you reverse the word Inbox from the last letter to the first, you will get Xobni (Inbox -> Xobni)

This is how your outlook will be transformed after installing Xobni.


After a quick install, you’ll see the new Xobni toolbar appear in Outlook – and suddenly information will become much easier to find. When a new email arrives, the sender’s full communication history appears in the Xobni sidebar, including past conversations, attachments and contact details. Xobni also includes a blazing fast email search tool. The search tool is fast in the sense that it provides¬† you with the results even as you finish typing which is one of the most liked feature by me. Other features which I like include, the attachments list sent by a particular user. You don’t even have to search for the mails with the attachments. All the attachments sent by a particular user will be separated and listed in order so that you can pick the one you needed instantaneously.

Other features also include email analytics which analyses your email usage and displays graphs, charts and ranks of people whom you are in touch with. Threaded conversations which provide a continuous conversation thread with a particular person. Automatic Phone number extraction from emails without you doing much. Xobni scans through the email text automatically and gets you the phone number of the person. While this feature gives you almost perfect results with some minor variations if at all any. One more interesting feature is the personal assistant which allows you to fix an appointment schedule or a meeting schedule by automatically selecting the free slots from your calendar.

Download it and experience the power of managed emails at your finger tips.