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Visa ATM Locator – Redefining ATM usage worldwide

Thursday, January 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Seems interesting subscribe the way you want to keep updated…

I know many of us would be wondering where the hell I can find an ATM, when we are on our outing or travel may be it a business visit or a personal vacation trip. We always find it difficult to find and locate an ATM in that unknown location. I know that you will get all sorts of more useless directions than a useful direction suggestions 🙂 . I have a personal experience of such a situation.

Coming to the point, Visa has introduced a new website where in you can locate ATMs at a particular location in around 170 countries roughly. The ATM may belong to any bank, but you will get it.

ATM Locator provides you information about all the Visa ATMs on providing the values of a particular country, city and postal code (which is optional).

See a sample search of the ATMs at my work place (ITPL, Bangalore, India)





Another sample search for ATMs in Nwe York, United States of America. This has an additional Google Map associated with it showing the exact location of the ATM along with street address pointed in the map image 🙂 . Cool rite.





So the next time when you go out, do take a print out of all the available ATMs with directions and maps so that you may never have to worry about finding an ATM at the location you go.

Guess this is of some value to all of you. Do please share this information so that everybody can make use of it 🙂


$150 Gift Card from Nike

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Comment to your heart because your heart filled comments can earn you a $150 Gift Card from Nike for free. I’m not kidding or joking with you guys.


Image Courtesy:

Nike and TeamSugar have come up with a sweepstakes which allows you to comment about Nike. Three winners will be randomly selected and they will get this $150 Gift card.

Go through the official rules for this contest.

Of course you need to register yourself at TeamSugar registration page

The contest ends on January 24th, 2008 so hurry up. I’ve already put my words on the web 🙂

Don’t forget to let this know to all your friends and family so they can have a chance at it, too!

Good luck!

Disclaimer: This information is purely based on my collection of data over the web. I’m in no way guaranteeing its correctness.

MacBook Air – World’s thinnest notebook

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Seems interesting subscribe the way you want to keep updated…

Apple has launched World’s thinnest notebook in the MacBook family at the MacWorld 2008 Conference & Expo. Everything about MacBook Air has been streamlined. And then streamlined again.

Except for the things that shouldn’t be, starting with the full-size, backlit keyboard and 13.3-inch widescreen display with built-in iSight, and the new larger trackpad supports multi-touch gestures. Just like the iPhone, you’ll be able to pan around, pinch to zoom, and rotate with two fingers, and move windows with a flick. Apple got the size down by using the same 1.8-inch 80GB drive that’s in the iPod classic, but you’ll be able to order a 64GB SSD as an option.. On the inside (yes, there’s an inside), it boasts an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of memory, and amazing wireless capabilities. Mobile computing suddenly has a new standard.

Ultrathin. Ultraportable – MacBook Air – PreOrder here

Glimpses of Air

macbook macbook1

A Guided Tour of MacAir from YouTube

This cool gorgeously looking notebook has already made some news at the stands and flashed in the hearts of the visitors at the MacWorld 2008 Expo.

Windows Vista Upgrade – Public availability

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Good news for Windows Vista users 🙂 as Microsoft has now decided to give away the Vista Service Pack 1 release to all public as opposed to its previous decision of trying it out with just the private users.

Though the official release of SP1 is scheduled to be released somewhere in February, this is supposed to have provided some bug fixes, performance and compatibility improvements, but no huge app upgrades or functionality enhancements, though there are some unspecified minor new features.

More info about the enhancements can be found here.

Download SP1 Refresh


Please note that SP1 RC Refresh, as the update is known, requires previous versions of SP1 to be uninstalled first, and there are several updates you’ll need to apply to your existing Vista install which can’t be removed later should you want to downgrade to a stable version of Vista.

So give it a try if you can’t wait until the final release is available. 🙂

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Force India F1 – Formula One

Monday, January 14, 2008 4 comments

Seems interesting subscribe the way you want to keep updated…

I’ve been kind of a fan of formula one for the past 4 or 5 years. Before that I was unaware of the details of the game. I used to think “what the hell is going on around there just simply roaming around some circular tracks wasting fuel 🙂 “, that was during my early teens when I don’t know much details about the game.

After that when I came to know some details about the game, I used to see the formula one races whenever possible. I always used to hear the words “Adrenalin rush”, “the thrills n frills” so on and so forth. I used to feel that when I was watching the game with full concentration and when Michael Schumacher, Barichello, Alonso, Massa and very recently Hamilton all compete with each other through victory.

Many developed countries like Germany, France, Australia, Great Britain etc along with countries like Turkey, Monaco, Spain. Brazil etc have formula one circuits to host a game. Also in Asia we have formula one circuits in China, Malaysia, Singapore. I always wished we could have one of our own to host such a thrilling contest where world’s greatest champions compete for victory.

At last my wish came true, again from the initiatives of one of the happening personalities in the World “Vijay Mallya – the face of $3 billion UB Group” along with some others. A Formula1 Team from India. Recently I came to see an advertisement in one of the TV Channels regarding this and I browsed through the website. – Formula One Team India Website - Join the force - i am a fan

Join the force


Tata Nano – World’s Cheapest car launched

Thursday, January 10, 2008 3 comments

Seems interesting subscribe the way you want to keep updated…

The Tata Nano – the world’s cheapest car has been launched by Mr. Ratan Tata on January 10th who heads from tea-to-steel. The article funnily features this article in an Australian news paper – “The Age” with a quote “Say TaTa to costly cars” 🙂 which I came to know from one of my friends.

Some pictures of “The Nano” just for you.

tata-nano-2 tata-nano-3 nano-3

The Tata Nano, basic variant which comes around 🙂 Rs. 1 Lakh (Indian Rupees) 🙂 is the world’s cheapest car. This basic variety comes with a small 33bhp 624cc engine at the rear with no power stearing, no air conditioning and no electric windows although two other deluxe models are on offer.

Specifications of “The Nano”


Some feel that the Tata’s have to compromise on the safety and standards to target this low price variants but Mr. Ratan Tata claims to make “a safe, affordable and all weather transport — a people’s car, designed to meet all safety standards and emissions laws and accessible to all” and “a car that most people said could not be manufactured at that price.”

Now all two wheeler users try to migrate to this world’s cheapest car and add to the Indian metropolitans already filled with loads of traffic on the roads. Hope the government at least turns a lean-eye towards our country’s Infrastructure development.




My Blog weighs Half a Kilo Hits

Thursday, January 3, 2008 Leave a comment

Today I’m happy 🙂 to share with all of you that my blog is weighing half a kilo hits. The number of hits my blog so far has got has crossed 500 today. The stats can be found on my blog main page.

The stats is shown below


I was not expecting this when I started off in August 2007. I started off very slowly and steadily and now crossed 500 hits successfully. Hope you all will continue to visit my blog and provide your valuable suggestions and feedback. Also I hope I’ll write more actively about more interesting topics in the future as well.

Thanks for all your continued support n readership.

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