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My First Gaming Experience

Tuesday, August 21, 2007 Leave a comment

I love computer gaming. My first experience of computer gaming started with one of Microsoft’s best real-time strategy game “Age of Empires“. It is a strategy game where you have to apply your thoughts in effectively gathering and managing your resources, your army always keeping an eye on your enemies as well. The game is filled with great graphics even for the minute of the minute details, you feel the real world in front of you if you are a game lover. I love the game to such extent that when I watch the empty field out of my office window which shows me a wide view of trees and empty space, I actually feel like placing a “lumberjack” (a building in the game where you will store all your wood that is collected by you people) and click people roaming around there to assign a wood cutting task. That is the kind of involvement i showed in the game. I’m basically a kind of person who is lazy in doing certain type of things but I used to play this game for hours (sometimes more than 24 hrs) continuously with breaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner in between. That is the kind of passion I have in computer gaming. The next experience of gaming I had is with the game called “Sim City“. This game is from Electronic Arts (ea). This is a simulation game where in you will be the mayor of a City which you have to manage. This has a kind of a real-world scenarios. Here you will have to manage your people, your economy, face the natural calamities such as earthquake, hurricanes, etc., You have to manage your economy by collecting taxes for various activities to manage a effective city. This also has detailed graphics which amaze you as a gamer. The list of games goes on with “Max Payne“, “Need for Speed“, “Zeus“, “Quake” etc., I always keep wondering why do I like strategy and simulation games more than action games. I still keep wondering!!!