FLO TV – Live Mobile TV from AT&T and Verizon

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Watch TV on your mobile phone on the go…

It’s been a very long time since I’ve wrote my last post. Thanks to my time in office. Of course, I’m gaining a lot of insights about my work too. But still, it feels bad not writing for a very long time 😦

Now-a-days lots of new services are being offered to mobile subscribers with the advent of 3G technology. Coming to today’s post, it’s about a new service introduced in US for mobile subscribers. It’s called FLO TV, as the name suggests its a TV on your mobile. Using this service business people can keep track of everyday happenings, breaking news and events. Entertainment freaks can watch their favorite shows. People interested in sports can watch live sports. It’s true and cool. 🙂

The service comes with no additional installation needed, it doesn’t even eat up your battery life. It activates itself immediately and gives you a crystal clear audio and video with a very high quality. With a single button  you can perform its functions. You even have a programming guide to browse through and select your favorite shows. Switching between the stations happens at the blink of your eye. There are no confusing menus to operate upon. In fact, if you get a call from your boss when you are watching  your favorite show, you can answer it or send it to voice mail with a single button 🙂 Cool enough rite.

Coming to its performance, FLO TV is delivered over dedicated multicast network different from the cellular network enabling instant access to the content without any buffering or lag time. It’s like this, if you switch it on, you have your content in front of your eyes. Its that fast.

Right now two of the major telecom providers in US, AT&T and Verizon offers these services to its subscribers.

FLO TV highlights:

  • Enjoy real TV at the touch of a button. No complicated menus.
  • Watch full–length shows, not just clips or highlights.
  • Easy–to–use program guide and fast channel switching.
  • There’s nothing to download and nothing to buffer.

Channels include:

CBS Mobile, CNBC, Comedy Central, ESPN Mobile TV, FOX Mobile, MSNBC, MTV, NBC2Go, Nickelodeon, CNN Mobile and Pix.

Price Range:

$15/mo to $30/mo

Compatible Devices:


  • LG Vu
  • LG Invision
  • Samsung Access


  • LG VX 9400
  • LG Voyager
  • Motorola Krave ZN4
  • Motorola z6tv






Ok ok, you are now asking me to stop scribbling and let you know the way to get it rite, I know. I’m coming there right away.

For overview of mobile TV, services, packages and other information about AT&T Mobile TV click here.

For overview of mobile TV, services, packages and other information about Verizon’s V Cast Mobile TV click here.

Don’t forget to watch the PROMO channel before you subscribe. *For a limited time only

When it comes to mobile TV, you just have to see it to believe it. And right now you can do just that by viewing a PROMO channel that’s available to all wireless customers with a FLO TV–enabled mobile phone and within a coverage area. You can experience the breadth of mobile TV programming and the quality of service before you purchase a subscription!

Watching PROMO channel:

  • Turn on the TV feature on your FLO TV–enabled mobile phone
  • Follow the activation instructions
  • Choose the PROMO channel from the program guide and start watching one of your favorite TV shows, breaking news or live sports – without any buffering or lag time.

This 24/7 PROMO channel contains a variety of programming from CBS Mobile, CNBC, Comedy Central, ESPN Mobile TV, FOX Mobile, FOX News, MSNBC, MTV, NBC 2Go, and Nickelodeon.

Image & Content courtesy: http://www.flotv.com/index.php


World’s Top 10 Party places

Tuesday, September 30, 2008 3 comments

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Recently I was watching a program in the Travel & Living channel a subsidiary of Discovery Channel when I came across a program called “Fiama Di Wills Beautiful People Beautiful Life” which was showing about World’s Top 10 party places. All these party places in the countdown boast about hosting the most funniest, craziest and scariest parties in the world. I’ve listed down the places to share with all those guys who love to party out their free time.

World’s Top 10 Party places:

  1. Mardi Gras (French: Fat Tuesday) New Orleans, Louisiana (Started in 1699)
  2. Club la vela, panama city, Florida (Largest night club in USA)
  3. Ibiza, Spain
  4. Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan, Thailand
  5. New Year’s Eve, Times Square, New York
  6. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (Three predominant places to be visited – Cabo Wabo, El Squid Roe & Giggly Martin Bar)
  7. Hedonism II, Jamaica
  8. Quebec Winter Carnival, Quebec, Canada (Not to miss St. Alexander Pub)
  9. Fetish n Fantasy Halloween bar, Nevada, Las Vegas, USA
  10. Spring Break, Lake Havasu, Arizona (Close to California border)

These are the top 10 places to be party to the extremes. No restrictions, no rules.

Thinking about adventure sports, adrenalin pump, extreme action these places are the right way to quench the your thirst.

Hope the next time you try to party out to the extreme you’ll consider these places. 🙂

Vodafone offers iPhone 3G on EMIs

Monday, August 25, 2008 1 comment

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Vodafone one of the two leading providers of iPhone 3G (which is one among the Gadgets to watch in 2008) in India, the other being Airtel is planning to provide it on an EMI scheme for its subscribers.


Vodafone is in talks with Barclays and ICICI Bank for this scheme. In India, the iPhone is priced at Rs. 31,000 for 8GB and Rs. 36,100 for 16GB of memory space. The schemes are based on a period of 6 to 12 months from which the subscribers can choose from. The iPhone is being sold in Hyderabad and Bangalore besides the four metropolitan cities and will be later introduced in 65 cities. The phone comes locked to the service provider, which means a user cannot switch his or her operator while using an iPhone.


The price of the iPhone 3G is kind of overpriced in India by an enormous amount, thanks to our import duty policies 😦 . The original price of the same in US being $199 (around Rs. 8800) for 8GB and $299 (around Rs. 13200) for 16GB. Also there are talks about slashing the prices six months from now. So people can make choice of either waiting for a slashed price some time later or grab it fresh ‘n’ overpriced, also considering the fact that currently there are no 3G networks in India to use the iPhone 3G to its full potential. I’ve read somewhere that BSNL is rushing out in its plans to roll out 3G in India by end of this year or early next year 🙂 . So watch out this space for more details as and when it is available.


Tata E-Nano – The Electric (Eco) Car

Thursday, August 21, 2008 4 comments

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Indian car maker Tata Motors, which is planning to produce the world’s cheapest car selling at 1,700 euros ($2,600), also has plans to produce an electric-drive version, according to a German press report.
The E-Nano would be built in cooperation with the Norwegian electric car specialist firm Miljobil, Greenland.

nano e-car

The Tata Nano is a small car aimed at the mass Indian market and is set to go on sale later this year. However, industry analysts have expressed skepticism that Tata will be able to sell the vehicle at the price because of rising raw material prices. The Nano is a no-frills basic car with a 33 hp 623 cc engine. It has no air-conditioning, electric windows or power steering that are standard in modern new cars.

Tata is working with a French firm and Chrysler in developing this electric car. The electric car will use compressed air. A diesel engine for the Nano is being developed by a German company and will use a fuel injection system. Sources told the newspaper that the 800 cc, turbo charged diesel engine will be a two-cylinder and capable of at least 30 per cent more mileage compared to 800 cc gasoline powered cars.


Need a cab in Dubai – SMS for it

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There is good news for those who need taxi or cab in Dubai. It is now just an ‘SMS‘ away.

The local Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced taxi stand (rank) numbers, modeled on the Singapore taxi service system, for different locations. The passenger could send an SMS to a toll-free number 4774 mentioning the number of the taxi stand where he or she is waiting.The step has been taken because most taxi drivers used to face difficulty in tracking down the locations of the passengers, ultimately resulting in long and frustrating waiting.

Procedure: SMS <taxi number> <area code> to 4774

The authority has given rank numbers to 54 locations or taxi stands in various congested areas of the emirates.
“Every stand will have an area code. Once a passenger sends SMS, he would receive an acknowledgement message from the RTA and a taxi would pick the passenger up from the exact spot within minutes,” he said. Altogether, 54 areas have been earmarked as taxi stands in the emirate. Each stand will have an information board listing the rank numbers and respective areas, the SMS number and the toll-free booking numbers of all taxi companies operating in the emirate. Dubai Taxi has 3,906 taxis in its fleet; the total number of cabs with the other four franchise companies is around 7,000. Around 1,200 more taxis are expected to be on Dubai roads by year-end and another 1,000 by 2009.

Bomb blasts in Bangalore – IT city in panic

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Terror hit Bangalore Friday afternoon as six low intensity blasts ripped through different parts of the IT city.


For more reported locations, please see this

Also see these related news feeds from YouTube:

(Bear with me, this is a Telugu version 😦 )

The explosions took place within a span of 15 minutes, starting at 1:45 PM. The sites that were on terror target were Madiwala, Adugodi area in Koramangla, Hosur Road, Nayandahalli and Shivaji Nagar on Mysore Road.

All the sites are located in the southern part of the city, some in the tony parts of town, hosting several upmarket malls. These are well visited with Madiwala being one of the biggest markets of the city. The blast here took place at the bus stand.
Hosur Road is a National Highway leading to Chennai.

Speaking to media Police Commissioner Shankar Bidri said that one woman was killed in Madiwala while there have been injuries in the other blasts.
All the wounded have been rushed to nearby hospitals for medical aid. Some have admitted St John’s and Mallya hospitals.
Elaborating on the modus operandi, the Police Commissioner said that timer devices were used and iron bolts were fixed to explosives to increase damage. He added that each explosion had the intensity of 1-2 hand grenades.

The blasts are thought to be of low-intensity using gelatin sticks and cylinders buried underground.
One blast took place near tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi’s house. However barring shattering some window panes, there was no other major damage.
Forensic experts and bomb disposal squads have reached the targeted sites.

The authorities have cordoned off the entire locality and sniffer dogs are being used for further clues. Mobile networks have been jammed and major artery roads have clogged due people rushing back home.
Bidri appealed to Bangaloreans not to panic as the situation was fully under control now.

More news awaited for details.

Bangalore – Live traffic

Monday, June 30, 2008 3 comments

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The next time you think of going somewhere, check out the live traffic before you actually take your step out 🙂 . Yeah this is true now in Bangalore where the traffic chaos still continues irrespective of the changing governments and the false promises of infrastructure development.

Leaving the political scenario behind if we come to the point of discussion, recently BTIS [Bangalore Transport Information System] has come up with a new technological advancement in association with the Traffic police where live traffic is monitored at major important junctions with the use of live traffic cameras. These cameras provide the live traffic to a centralized unit called as the ‘Traffic Monitoring Cell/Unit‘. BTIS has put up these information on the website for general public where in you can check the live traffic situation before you actually move out.

A sample image of the main page showing the traffic status is as shown below:


The traffic situation at most of the places are displayed based on their intensity in and around Bangalore with selected live camera locations.

You can also select a live camera to view the live images getting delivered to your desktop.

Sample images of one of my favorite locations which I’m most interested is as shown below (Check the time difference and the impact 😦 )


These are the locations where the live traffic information is currently available on the website:

Also recently CNBC TV18 in its show called ‘Up South‘ featured about IT Professionals lending their helping hands acting as traffic cops during their free time in weekends. They say that it is a very small step towards a traffic jam free Bangalore roads.

So hit BTIS first before you actually hit out on the roads. Have a trouble free ride the next time 🙂