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Need a cab in Dubai – SMS for it

Thursday, August 21, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

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There is good news for those who need taxi or cab in Dubai. It is now just an ‘SMS‘ away.

The local Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced taxi stand (rank) numbers, modeled on the Singapore taxi service system, for different locations. The passenger could send an SMS to a toll-free number 4774 mentioning the number of the taxi stand where he or she is waiting.The step has been taken because most taxi drivers used to face difficulty in tracking down the locations of the passengers, ultimately resulting in long and frustrating waiting.

Procedure: SMS <taxi number> <area code> to 4774

The authority has given rank numbers to 54 locations or taxi stands in various congested areas of the emirates.
“Every stand will have an area code. Once a passenger sends SMS, he would receive an acknowledgement message from the RTA and a taxi would pick the passenger up from the exact spot within minutes,” he said. Altogether, 54 areas have been earmarked as taxi stands in the emirate. Each stand will have an information board listing the rank numbers and respective areas, the SMS number and the toll-free booking numbers of all taxi companies operating in the emirate. Dubai Taxi has 3,906 taxis in its fleet; the total number of cabs with the other four franchise companies is around 7,000. Around 1,200 more taxis are expected to be on Dubai roads by year-end and another 1,000 by 2009.

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