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WordPress.com – Upgrade looks great

Tuesday, April 8, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Seems interesting subscribe the way you want to keep updated…

I have noticed that my first blog which I started with WordPress.com is a great way to start with. I never was frustrated, troubled to find what I need.

And now the recent upgrade of WordPress admin console is one such example where we can say that WordPress has been constantly trying to improve the usability for users.

It’s constant endeavor in trying to make it feel free usage even for novice users attracts mine as well as every others who use this to this day.

The new upgrade shows me a glimpse of what exactly is happening with your blog.


The write post section is upgraded with multiple changes which makes posting easy. Also multiple media has been made available to be used with wordpress.com account. The upload space has been upgraded from 1GB to 3GB. This freedom allows users to post rich media content (video/audio/other media) explaining the details to the fullest extent forgetting about the space limitations. The manage section has been well upgraded which gives you an overall picture of what is happening with your stuff online. It now shows how many comments, tags you have for your individual posts. Also it shows you the statistics for each individual post separately.

The statistics and the akismet spam are the two most favorite features that I like the most provided by the WordPress.

The statistics screen shows you the overall statistics of all your posts with emphasis on your top posts separately. The statistics are showed day/week/month wise which gives you a clear picture about when and what is bringing traffic to your blog.

About akismet, there are no words to explain. For a beginner like me, managing spam comments and false pingbacks and trackbacks is the most toughest part. This is made easy very professionally by akismet. All spam comments are caught and blocked by it and awaits action from me to publish it in the blog.

So guys whoever is thinking of going ahead with starting a blog, I think this is the right time to start with WordPress which gives you versatility and the ability to use it with ease.

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