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Firefox add-ons – foxmarks, clipmarks

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Seems interesting subscribe the way you want to keep updated…

clipped from foxmarks.com

The Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer automatically synchronizes your
bookmarks between two or more computers running Firefox. It also lets
you access your bookmarks from any computer anytime via
my.foxmarks.com. An easy-to-use wizard guides you through the quick
startup process. Then Foxmarks works silently in the background to keep
your bookmarks up-to-date on all your computers.
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clipped from clipmarks.com


Instantly share things you find online with your friends on Facebook, MySpace or any other web site. Email clips, post
them directly to your blog and more.

Get the Clip Button, Clip interesting things, Put your clipcast anywhere

Clip-to-Blog™ is the most spontaneous way to add things you find on the web directly to your blog.When you find something online that you want to add to your blog… clip it, add your commentary,
click Post to Blog and bam, you’ve just updated your blog with fresh content.
Supports Blogger, WordPress, Typepad,
LiveJournal, Movable Type and Vox.
To get started… Install now
clipped from clipmarks.com

  blog it
  1. Tuesday, August 5, 2008 at 5:17 PM

    great work,

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