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esnips – Online file Sharing

Friday, December 21, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve always thought of having a USB drive with me where ever I go so that I can carry my important files and other cool stuff with me to access it at any point in time.

But I know that is not always possible. Actually speaking I’m bit too lazy to actually remember keeping a USB drive with me where ever I go 🙂 . I recently was searching for some old question papers for one of my exams at my University, when I came across this website from where I got my question papers. These were shared publicly by a person whose link was provided as a pointer to download. That was really cool. I got my stuff downloaded without much effort.

esnips – According to them it is the ONE place where you can share ALL your passions; your thoughts, photos, files, stuff you find on the web… and you control who you share it with and how. Go through this esnips Tour for more info. Previously the space was limited to 1 GB. Now it has been increased to 5 GB 🙂 .

So Join n Share your passion.

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