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Free Download Manager – Blogging buzz

Monday, September 3, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

After I took my new broadband connection at home which is a 256 kbps connection, I was constantly on the search for some download managers which will allow me download content from Internet without much hassles. I wanted a kind of manager which will try to better use the available bandwidth efficiently for download purposes.

Free Download manager came into my sight. I have already used some other download managers which didn’t give me that satisfaction which the FDM has given me. The other download managers have actually downloaded the faster way but I used them in a more better environment for downloads. Even then, I didn’t feel its strength. But this FDM gave me that satisfaction and comfort even in my home environment where the bandwidth constantly keeps changing and dropping most of the time during day times.

It efficiently uses the available bandwidth to schedule different sets of downloads which actually helps us in downloading stuff from the web in a constrained environments. This has features to download single file, organize a batch download, schedule download at a particular instance etc.,

Try this out who knows all your download needs are met with this. My slogan “Hail FDM… Bravo FDM…” After experiencing it if you also feel the same, promote the usage of this using the Free Download Manger – Blogging buzz.

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